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Chuck Kessler - Sales Professional

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My background in the automotive business began in 1968 as a salesperson in a Ford dealership. My sales average  In 1983 I relocated to Virginia Beach, Va. and worked Beach Ford, the 10 largest Ford dealership in the U.S

as the pre-owned manager for 5 years, In 1988 I was recruited by Budget Rent-A-Car / Car Sales and moved to Nashville, Tn. Late in 1990 I moved to Daytona Beach Fl. and wrote a training manual to train new salespeople who want to get started in the business. 
that kept me busy 300 plus days a year traveling nationwide doing 10 day training sections. While my home was Daytona Beach, Fl. I dated a lady who live in Venice Fl. 2000 we married and I went to work for Plattner Automotive Group headquarter in Sarasota Fl.
I retired in 2010. But, after a couple month I was driving my family nuts, I needed something to do. We have family here in the Cartersville area, that's why we re-located here 2015. After 50 years of non-confrontational selling, I'm now a team member of Allstar Motors,
making new friends and having fun. My motto has always been "Founded on Faith - Focused on Integrity.
Chuck Kessler

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